Best slimline dishwasher reviews

The slimline dishwasher is the solution of dishwashing within a narrow or thin space that just 45 cm or 18 inches wide only. That means a slimline model is 15 cm narrowest than a full-size model.

So If you have a small kitchen a slimline dishwasher is a suggestion for you. Even it is smaller dishwashers but cleaning power is not low than full-size devices, the main fact is energy efficiency.

Because of a smaller capacity load, those have 9 to 10 place setting capacity that means around 100 item can wash In one washing cycle. That means low quantity but equal cleaning quality.

Freestanding vs Integrated

Freestanding dishwashers

It is important decision what type of dishwasher you want, the freestanding (portable)or integrated known as built-in. both devices have the advantages but it surely depends on your planning about your kitchen design and decoration.

Freestanding slimline dishwasherThe freestanding or portable dishwashers are the most known and common type of the classification of the dishwasher.

various kind of portable dishwasher with the different color, size, type and featured available in the today’s market.
White, silver, black grey are the common color. There are some types of slimline, compact and large portable or freestanding dishwasher
This type fairly remains, if you change house you may take it easy with you.

Integrated dishwashers

If your kitchen equipped with a uniform cabinet the integrated dishwasher is perfect for you.It has two kinds semi integrated and fully integrated.

Fully_integrated_slimline _dishwasherFully integrated types are totally hidden behind a uniform kitchen cabinet door and semi-integrated types are almost hidden but the control panel at the top of the dishwasher’s door remains visible.

It is looking nice the uniform kitchen cabinet with an integrated dishwasher but it is difficult to move one place to another palace than freestanding models.

also, something difficult to see the status when the machine on the run, you have to open the cabinet door to see the panel

6 Best freestanding slimline dishwashers  

1. Beko Freestsnding Slimline Dishwashers – White, Silver, Black

45cm width x 59cm depth x 85cm heights


  • 10 Place Setting Capacity
  • Energy Efficient, rating A+
  • Noise level 49 dB
  • Rinse Aid and Salt Indicator Lights

The three color with same features, Beko DFS05010W White Slimline, Beko DFS05010S Silver Slimline and DFS05010B Black Slimline dishwashers

2. Hotpoint Aquarius SIAL11010P freestanding dishwasher white

45cm width x 60cm depth x 85cm heights

  • Hygiene +
  • Eco-friendly – A+ Energy Rating and Noise Level 49 dB
  • Economy – It saves electricity bill
  • Special Features – Rinse and salt level indicator, Time delay, 7 programmes,10 place settings capacity

3. BOSCH SPS40E12GB slimline white freestanding reviews

45cm width x 60cm depth x 85cm heights

Most of the useful and attractive features included with the BOSCH SPS40E12GB 18 inch / 45 cm slimline dishwasher. The unit ensures your dishes optimal cleaning with low water and low energy with ActiveWater technology as well as silently by the efficiency of the dishwasher

4. Indesit slimline Freestsnding Dishwashers – White, Silver, Black

45cm width x 60cm depth x 85cm heights

Specially a full stainless steel tub and the four-stage filtration system of the model Indesit DSR15B1 Slimline – 18 inch or 45 cm. white makes it very efficient, energy saver, long-lasting, smooth operation so on. I have listed all important features below for your consideration of this popular dishwasher

5. Danby DDW1899WP-1 dishwasher portable

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.4
Dimension: 17.7″W x 25.98″D x 36.02″H

Danby DDW1899WP-1 small Portable Dishwasher with, easy electronic controls lets to Operate and monitor your appliance, Eight position setting capacity with silverware basket, Durable and strong stainless steel spray wing & interior, included a water-softener system, Energy Star slandered.

6. SPT SD-9241W Portable Energy Star white Dishwasher reviews

Price: $$$
Rating: 4.1
Dimension: 17.72″W x 25.98″D x 36.02″H

You can set a delay start time within 1- 24 hours, The upper rack or dishwasher is adjustable to put up larger plate or pots, six programs for wash your dishes, interior with stainless steel, a faucet adapter for easy and quick connection

7 Best integrated slimline dishwashers

1. Hotpoint Ultima LSTF8M126 Slimline Fully Integrated Stainless Steel

Integrated Slimline Dishwasher

Get shiny dishes with this Hotpoint Ultima stainless steel Dishwasher. at once It can be wash with up to 10 place settings. so it’s perfect for compact kitchen places. With dual space capacities, the adjustable racks allow you to fit bigger pans and pots. The feature hygiene Plus runs on higher temperature to provide an bacteria free dishes. The option rapid 25 minute quick wash is ideal for busy mid-week evenings.
the inverter motor, makes this model super-quiet

Indesit DISRM16B19 Slimline Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Dimensions (cm) – W45 x D60 x H85

This Indesit fully integrated dishwasher great for any small kitchen.
It can clean 10 place settings in one washing program, so it’s ideal for thiny kitchen places. It’s A+ efficiencient that mean it consume low energy so it’s cheap for money to to run.

There are 6 Separate programmes to Desire to choose from to Match the load. an Eco Cycle makes the model environmentally friendly, which consume low water and energy but still providing a Glossy clean. You will save money to run this model from others non eco friendly devices.

2. Avanti DWE1801B Built-In Black slimline Dishwasher reviews

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.9
Dimension: 17.75″ W X 21.75″ D X 32.25″ H

Avanti DWE1801B Built-In 18 inch black dishwasher’s features is 8 normal-sized plate arrangement Capacity, Four automatic washing programs, Interior with stainless steel, Silverware basket one piece, Upper rack and lower rack are nylon coated, A power Indicating light, 3 Stage filtering process consists of 1. Main Filter 2. Coarse Filter 3. Fine Filter. Electronic controlling with control panel, A rinse aid dispenser.

The Avanti DWE1801B 18″ Dishwasher is very suitable for small kitchens or a narrow cabin. An electronic Controlling system for smooth operation of wash programs or cycles, The interior with stainless steel will protect your device from rust and stains, nylon-covered upper and lower rack gives extra strength against broken or bend.

An automatic rinse aid dispenser proper distribute the rinse aid during washing cycles, The model has four wash cycles: Light, Normal, Heavy and Quick. This unit gives you an A+ performance always. In the dormitory, hotels to homes where space is at high-valued, The Avanti DWE1801B is the right product for the right price.

3. Avanti DWE1802SS, 8 Plate Setting slimline Dishwasher reviews

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.6
Dimension: 17.8 W x 21.8 D x 32.2 H inches

Avanti DWE1802SS with 8 Standard Plate Settings Capacity built-in type Dishwasher, Its interior is stainless steel which protects the device from corrosion and stains, Upper and Lower Racks with Handle is nylon coated 03 level filtering system and 01 pcs silverware basket

This 18-inch Narrow dishwasher gives a higher performance with its 4 automatic washing cycle. compact design, perfect for small kitchens or anywhere with small cabinets.

4. Frigidaire Built-In slimline 18 In Dishwasher reviews

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.6
Dimension: 18 W x 22.5 D x 35.2 H inches

Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18 inch built-in dishwasher with Energy Saver, delay start options 2-4 hour, Dry options dries without heat. Cleans dishes on your cycle, the high temperature for extra sterilisation.

The Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18 inch Built-In Dishwasher comes with full feature like a full-size dishwasher, despite its compact size. Water and Energy Saver features included, It can dry your dishes without heatYou can start the unit later from two to four hours. High-Temperature wash gives you super clean and shiny dishes.The Interior of this unit with Stainless steel for maximum durability. Ready-Select controls make it easy to choose 6 pre-programmed wash cycles settings and 4 wash levels, Standard silverware basket on lower rack.

5. EdgeStar BIDW18SS-1, 18 Inch slimline Built-In Dishwasher reviews

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.9
Dimension: 18 W x 22 D x 32.5 H inches

EdgeStar BIDW18SS-1 small Built-In Dishwasher with Six (6) wash cycles, Washing phase indicator lights, Dial cycle selector. 8 place setting capacity. buzzer warn you the End of a cycle. Rinse aid setting, On/off switch, Coarse filter, Silverware basket and Cup shelf. A white version of this model BIDW18W-1 and A black version of this model is BIDW18BL-1

6. SPT SD-9252SS 18 inch wide slimline Built-In Energy Star Dishwasher reviews

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.3
Dimension: 17.5″W x 22.1″D x 32.2″H

In the model SPT SD-9252SS  a warning indicator of rinse aid warn and remind you about rinse aid needed or having to refill, fault code show on the display, the interior is stainless Steel, and quietest operation with 55 decibel.

It’s simple to suit on your room and revolutionize the technique your own family cleans dishes. It’s manufacturing unit-made via sunpentown, A brief test of this dishwasher’s specifications makes it clear that it has a whole lot greater to offer compared to the same old built-in version. This exacting model is ideal for someone concerned about having the piece of a standalone or built-in dishwasher unit for the price of a countertop type.

7. Danby DDW1809W-1 Built-In slimline Dishwasher reviews

Price: $$$
Rating: 3.7
Dimension: 17.5″W x 22.5″D x 32.5″H

Danby DDW1809W-1 Built-In small Dishwasher with a built-in water softener system, easy electronic controls, A silverware basket and 8 (Eight) place setting capacity with, Energy Star obedient and long-lasting stainless-steel spray arm & interior.

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