Best Dishwashers review guide

Simply dishwasher is a machine which washes dishes and looks like a box. But this is a very necessary appliance in our daily life.

Generally, we buy a dishwasher for a long time and don’t change it frequently so when we want to buy a dishwasher we have to ensure the device is suitable for our lifestyle and ability.

I have described some terms of dishwasher below and I hope you will be helped to make the decision which dishwasher you should buy..

The types of Dishwashers

By Installation Types

1. Freestanding/Portable
2. Integrated/Built-in

  • Semi Integrated
  • Full Integrated

By types and sizes of dishwashers

Full sizes

1. Full sizes Free standing
2. Full sizes Integrated


1. Slimline Free standing
2. Slimline Integrated

“Find Free standing slimline dishwasher and Best integrated slimline dishwasher

Compact (Mainly Free standing)

1. Tabletop/countertop/bench top
2. Under counter

Drawer types

1. Single drawer
2. Double drawer

All kinds of dishwasher can be various colored but most used colors are white, silver and black

Before you begin to search dishwasher it’s smart to own a concept of the kind of machine you would like in terms of the type and the size. it depends on your habits, the number of your family members your budget and availability of space in your kitchen.


What’s the difference Between Semi and Fully Integrated Dishwashers?

Semi-integrated dishwashers


Shows the display near the top of the dishwasher, as the remaining dishwasher is hidden with your kitchen cabinets.

Fully integrated dishwashers


That’s are totally hidden by your cabinets. The control panel is near the top of the dishwasher, inside the cabinet’s door.

Sizes of Dishwashers

The sizes of dishwashers are a very important question when you go for a dishwasher. Mainly three sizes of dishwashers are available in the market – Full size, slimline and compact.

Generally, Full-size models have more space to accommodate dirty dishes but take up more space also in your kitchen.
integrated kind of dishwasher you choose, the price does not differ too much.

Full size dishwashers

The overall size of large capacity dishwashers known as full-size dishwashers.
A small dishwasher has 10-11 place setting capacity but a full-size model can capable to hold up to 15 place setting which enough for 150 to 200 or more utensils/dishware.


Freestanding and built in both kind of dishwasher can be a full sized with the measurement of 60 cm wide.
A full-size dishwasher especially water and energy saver, because of a large number of dishes can be clean with one go.


Slimline dishwashers

What will happen if you will have washed 200 item in one washing cycle?
The result is energy efficiency of a slimline dishwasher is little lower than the full-size model, but cleaning power is same.
However, if your space is narrow the slimline dishwasher is the best answer for you. See slelected slimline dishwasher reviews 

Compact dishwashers

Compact dishwashers are a very little dishwasher. those are somewhat bigger than a microwave oven.

You can set it on your kitchen counter. It has 4 to 6 place setting capacity, around 100 item can wash in one cycle.
It’s perfect for a single family or a person living alone.

Dishwashers Features

Dishwasher technology is continually improving. In these days a modern dishwasher has a lot of features.

The manufacturers always trying to increase their device performance to getting user satisfaction by improving user experience with their dishwashers.

Spray arms

Spray arms distribute the water inside of dishwasher with the purpose of covering all of your utensils and cutlery whatever you put in your dishwasher


In addition to spray arm, the double spray arm in the top basket makes sure that are optimally clean dishes.


The two efficient spray arms do targeted water circulation getting each corner of interior of dishwashers

Control panels/Display

Control panels are usually located on the door of a dishwasher, but some dishwashers have it at the top edge of its doors

The control panels are concealed when you closed the door. It is mainly for the stylistic purpose.



Control panels have many kinds most of the dishwashers have led display with a time clock to let you know what is the progress or how much time remaining in a cycle. An alarm warns you when a program has finished.

Touchscreen display now more common, but most of the model combined dials and buttons.
A common display contains selector knob, start button, pause button, time delay button, warning indicator and others

Interior Design

Hight Adjustable racks are a great feature of a dishwasher.It makes the device flexible to load. A 3rd upper rack and silverware baskets with individual slots let you organize the dishware to load in the device.

The big pans and bowls you can put on the lower rack by adjusting upper rack, don’t worry if your upper rack full of the load.

Wash Zone

wash zone is the special area designed to wash highly soiled items but this feature is not available on all models, some manufacturers include it as additional.

The zone doesn’t Inevitably need to run the whole cycle with certain models, it’s just for a few minutes. The system really works fine, it’s lab tested.

Heat Exchange system

Heat Exchanger: Maintain always the right temperature for proper care. these models with heat exchangers care valuable glasses and porcelain with no risks.

Pre-heated the water in the rinsing tank to avoid any shocks from temperature.

Vario basket

Some models have Vario baskets, these can easily locate in the bottom basket and makes Extra storage space for cutlery.

Stainless steel interiors

The interiors with Stainless steel tub are the common latest style. It makes a dishwasher strong, durable and performs the devices with low maintenance.

But the model with stainless steel interior is a bit more costly than others plastic-lined tub, but in the long run, you will.

This type model uses a lower wattage heater for dry up the utensils. That means this type dishwasher energy and money saver in long-term and you can wash heat-sensitive dishware if you have.

Stainless steel dishwashers are quieter and also have efficient drying cycles as heat is reflected back to loaded items from the metal coating.

It also makes a higher temperature of water which ensures your entire dishes are sparkly and sterilized clean.

Delay start feature

Delay start feature helpful when you need your dishes cleaned at a delayed time. you can pre-select the programme for the Expected start time.

This permits you to handle your device Compatibly, at any time Through the day.

A child lock feature

A child lock feature protects the device miss operation by children.

The Noise Factor

Some dishwashers appear to be landing an airplane, that can be disturbing when washing programme range between 90 minutes to about 3 hours. (Incidentally, we didn’t found correlation between performance and time).

However if the average noise level of a whole cycle is annoying, that can be misleading.

So ensure that the dishwasher works silently which you want to buy.

Soil/stain Sensor

In these days most the modern dishwasher operates with sensors. That’s models get signal and measures the soiling level of water then make desired water temperature and length of wash cycle by soil sensor also called AccuSense.

That’s sensors also controls energy and water uses depending on load and dirtiness of dishes, therefore, increase the performance of the device. Some more sensors do different work.


Dishwasher filters located in the bottom of the machine. These maintain wash water free from food particles and prevent to be redeposited on clean dishes during the wash cycle.

The filters are two typed: self-cleaning filter and manual filter,
Self-cleaning filters clean itself, that have a grinder, the grinder pulverizes the dirty food particles and flushes it down through the drain. That’s compatible but can be noisy.

The models with manual filter have no grinder, It’s quieter, however, you need to clean it regularly to avoid odors, this job that requires a few minutes

EcoSilence Drive

Bosch used EcoSilence DriveTM as the drive motor of their dishwasher to To improve cleaning efficiency.


It is very quiet, efficient and consumes low electricity. The Drive works without brushes to reduce noise, making silent and top results.

Steam Cleaning

Dishwashers use steam jet with high temperature and pressure during the wash cycle to loosen hard, dried or burnt on stains. In this case need for pre-washing.

The hot steam jet kills bacteria, making sure your dishes hygienic for you and your family to use.

Anti-flood/AquaStop feature

It is a helpful feature, it works with a sensor to prevent making flood in your kitchen. this system work with a floor sump with float switch, a safety valve, and supply hose.

Dishwashers programmes

Dishwashers programmes are the most Important features, A list of programmes give you an idea how modern and effective the dishwasher is.

You have to think this thing before you go for buy a dishwasher.

Somebody think I need a dishwasher with low energy usage, eco feature for them, someone thinks I have heavy dirty dishes to wash his need intensive feature and someone thing I have more glassware or I have a few dishes to wash half load function in this case.

Standard programme

Almost every dishwasher includes a standard wash programme. Generally, this operates at a high heat of 65?C to destroy bacteria, germs and make sure your dishes come out safe and clean.

Economy programme

Economy programme is water and energy saver, This is ideal for slightly dirty dishes not very grimy
The economy programme usually takes a little longer to complete cycle when compared to a regular programme and clean at a just a bit lower heat of 50?C.

Intensive programme

Intensive programme designed for very grimy and tough stains, It works at high temperature of 70 C

Special programme

Some more costly dishwasher have special programmes suitable for cleaning your glassware.

This programme takes extra care the glassware, give you clean watermark free and sparkly glassware.

This cycle works at a lower temperature and pressure to ensure delicate items are washed with care.

Half load option

There are a half load option, you can select this if occasionally you have few dishes to clean, no need to run a full cycle, This programme helps to save energy and water.

Rinse only /prewash /Hold Cycle

These options let you allow only rinse or prewash when you have no enough dishes to run a full programme, This system can reduce smell from dirty dishes. Next time if you have more few items to wash and if these enough for a full programme then you can run a full programme so water and energy will save.

Remember the big food waste will deposit in the drain of the machine at the bottom.

Some special programmes have only certain brands and models, so make sure yourself, you are going to buy the right dishwasher as your requirements.

Drying Functions

Dishwashers are designed to clean and dry dishes, these have various way to do this. with many models have options to dry using heat or not.

Heat drying method uses more energy but it quicker. Fan drying method uses air, without using heat.

With stainless-steel, tub models are more efficient than normal tubs, as they hold the heat much longer and dry out your dishes.

Siemens and Bosch brands use Zeolith technology for energy efficient and fast drying.

Zeolite absorbs moisture from dishes and help to dry by reducing heater work, therefore save energy.


After all think again what sizes, what kind and which essential features of a dishwasher you need.

I have reviewed some best rated and popular dishwashers, visit my review pages and find your desire dishwasher form a long list of best dishwashers